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Ireen shops at AbuAhmad butchery every week, she used to travel for over 30 mins from western Sydney, to shop at the Punchbowl store. She’s been a loyal customer for over seven 7 years. Ireen lives locally now and can shop at Abu Ahmad butchery without having to travel for over an hour to get to the shop and home again. She could not be happier.

Ireen shared her personal experience and the following story with us;

I entered the Abu Ahmad Butchery raffle on my son’s birthday, he actually urged me to enter the barrel draw competition. I then got the call in January that I had WON!!. I was ecstatic and excited to get the news that I had actually won a whole brand new Barbeque set, as I have not won anything like this before.

From our store

When it was delivered I realised that it was so different. It was a barbeque with a smoker. I read a few reviews about it, and I was saying, “oh my god I won this!! I have something to show off now, we need to have another gathering.

A long time ago a friend bought me Lamb Kafta from Abu Ahmad Butchery and since then I have shopped there for my meat consistently. My friend who recommended the meat does not need to eat Halal, but shops at Abu Ahmad Butchery because of the continuous good quality meat.

When you walk into Abu Ahmad Butchery, the first thing you notice is how clean they are. Their halal produce is always of high quality and I know no matter how much I spend, it’s worth it. I have never felt that I paid too much and have always found the price to be consistent.

There is always a big queue in the shop which is a good indicator of their high demand. It’s always great to see that they are popular and people are buying their meats from there. The service is also really great. As soon as you walk in they are ready to serve you and are always friendly and helpful.

I love the clean fresh meat. The succulent flavours are still there even after it’s cooked. I especially love loin chops and the gourmet kafta. Both gourmet types are really nice and they can be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ.

Sometimes I walk into the store with the intention of purchasing one or two things, however when I see the produce I end up purchasing so much more.

I think I have bought everything from Abu Ahmad Butchery. They sell a range of meats and different cuts. Whilst also, packing their cold cuts into school sandwich lunches for the kids.

Now with my new BBQ, I find myself buying a range of meats such as chops, shanks, and loin chops. I also, always use Lamb Shanks to make Biryani. I get the butchers to cut the lamb shanks in half, which I then slow cook in spices, with rice. It’s simple, easy and delicious.

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When we have a BBQ, we usually have a lot of people over. My son just had his 18th birthday and had organised to have 15-20 of his friends come over for a BBQ. I went straight to Abu Ahmad Butchery and bought all my meat and marinated it overnight. I used the new BBQ I won in the raffle and the compliments on the meat did not stop all night. I’m constantly giving people descriptions and directions to get to Abu Ahmad Butchery.

The best thing is you think you might have made too much but you then see that everyone has enjoyed the food and nothing has gone to waste. I always want to dish out the best to friends and family.

The team at Abu Ahmad Butchery want to say thank you to Ireen for sharing her personal story and experience with us and for being a loyal customer. The team wish her many more happy gatherings and meals with her new barbeque.

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